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Digital Scrapbook Course -Beginner

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Are you ready to take the plunge into the Digital Scrapbooking World?

Learn To Easily Create Amazing Digital Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking is an extremely popular hobby that is rewarding and addictive. Digital Scrapbooking is the newest method of telling your pictorial story. It is such a relaxing, stress-free hobby. Once you get started, you will be hooked.

Why should you learn Digital Scrapbooking?

Save Time – You don’t have to go the store and shop, which takes up valuable time out of your busy schedule.

Save Space – You don’t need to take up a whole room for supplies. You can use your dining room table for family dinners, rather than a place to scrapbook.

Save Money – Digital Scrapbook kits are inexpensive, but packed with everything you need to create an amazing scrapbook. Our Digital Scrapbooking Store is loaded with scrapbook supplies to get those creative juices flowing.

 But how do you get started? What is the easiest to use and powerful scrapbooking software? Many people are afraid to take the plunge into digital scrapbooking because they just don’t know where to start. Our Beginner Digital Scrapbooking Course is the answer to these questions. Our Course is based on Photoshop Elements which is straightforward, easy to use, but a powerful software. Photoshop Elements is the most popular software for Digital Scrapbooking.

When you purchase our Beginner Digital Scrapbooking Course you will receive:

12-Class Modules packed with easy-to-understand tutorials, along with images that guide you through the process.

Handouts with tips and techniques to kick-up your skills.

Digital Scrapbooking Supplies to use in your training and also in your future scrapbook pages. (at least $40 in Value)

Our Entire Beginner Digital Scrapbook Course is available for the low price of just $45, which includes the Course and all of the extra goodies.

Let’s Get Scrapping!