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Photoshop Elements Tutorial Tools-Smudge

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

In this tutorial we are going to focus on just one tool – the Smudge tool. You can apply it to really make your photo focal point stand out. Have fun and get creative.


Smudge Tool – This tool pushes pixels around as if you are using wet paint. For this lesson, we are going to “paint” the background, so that the subject stands out. I have chosen a picture of my niece to practice with. Ok, the hairbow is a big as she is!

  • Open the image that you want to use.
  • Select the Smudge tool, which is located within the Sharpen tool selection.
  • For the right side of the photo, I chose the Lighten mode and a brush size of 30 to start out, and then increased and decreased the brush size as I was painting. As you can see the result creates a smudged look.
  • For the left side of the photo, I chose Darken mode and the same brush settings as above. Again, a smudged look.
  • Just for fun, I tried another mode – Luminosity and then Finger Painting. Adjust your brush settings as necessary. As you can see, the entire background looks like a child’s finger painting, and the focal point really stands out.

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