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Photoshop Elements Tutorial Tools- Blur

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Throughout this series, we are going to learn how to creatively and effectively use Photoshop Elements tools to aid us in creating great digital scrapbook pages.


Blur Tool

The Blur Tool can be used to repair small flaws in a photo, or as in this example, accentuate the focal point of a photo by blurring the background.

I love this photo of my son and granddaughter. I love their smiles, but the photo itself is just okay. By blurring the background, I was able to create a much stronger focal point.

Applying the blur tool to create a focal point is fairly simple, but it does require a little patience.

  • Open the photo you want to work on.
  • Select the Blur Tool (it looks like a raindrop).

Select an appropriate brush. I used a Thick Heavy Brush. (Experiment with different brushes to get the look that you want).

  • Brush the background or objects that you want to blur. Use a circular or scrub motion. Save frequently, as your work.
  • Continue with the tool, until you have reached your desired look. Save your file.

    I created this page using paper and embellishments from my kit – Beachy Keen. I like the photo much better, now that I have applied the Blur Tool.

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