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Photoshop Elements Tutorial- Organizer Part 3

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Photoshop Elements is a powerful tool to use to organize your photos and digital scrapbooking supplies. Let’s look at some other ways you can organize your photos for scrapbooking.


If you are like me you take tons of photos at special occasions or holiday time. You can assign your photos to Events. Creating an event and adding the photos is easy and will aid in maintaining your management system.

To create an Event:

  • Decide which photos you want to include in the Event.
  • Click the Add Event icon. Assign a name to the Event. Also add a date and a description.
  • Add all of the photos that pertain to this Event. Click Done

To view the photos assigned to this Event, click the Events tab at the top of the Organizer window. You can view all of the photos by clicking on the Event thumbnail.

Rating Images

Another way of organizing your photos is to add ratings to them. Within an album or an event, you can rate your photos according to quality of the photos or whatever requirements meet your needs. If you are like me, you take a lot of photos, but not all of them are “scrapbook” quality. You can easily rate photos, so that only the best photos are sorted for creating your scrapbook pages, but the remaining photos are still available for later use. To rate images:

  • Perform a search for the photos you would like to rate.
  • The photos will appear in the Organizer window of your screen.
  • Click on the Information Panel. Rate each photo, by clicking on the appropriate star.
  • At the top of the Organizer Window, you see Ratings. Click on the star-rating you are searching for. Only those photos with that star rating will appear. (i.e. if you click on the 5 star rating, only those photos will appear for use.)

Rating images is especially useful when you have a lot of pictures saved for a particular album, such as a vacation, family reunion etc.

Tagging and Finding People

There are several methods of Tagging People. Photoshop Elements has a facial recognition feature that will “look” at photos that are already added to the Organizer. Elements does a pretty good job of recognizing people that already have a tag assigned to them. This is not foolproof, as people do change with age. (Grrr, in my case)

  • You can tag your photos as you import them into Organizer, by tagging each person that you want to tag.
  • When you import a batch of photos to Organizer, if any of the people in the batch are already tagged, Elements will recognize the person. As I stated, this is not foolproof, but you can save some time with those photos that Photoshop Elements recognizes.
  • You can tag photos individually as you import them.

Let’s explore Adding People:

  • Import the photos you want to tag.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see the Add People icon. Click the icon.
  • You will then receive a screen – People Recognition-Label People.
  • Click on the photos you need to label and name each different person that you want for your scrapbooking. (You only need to label one photo of a person, not all of them) Click Save.
  • Any unlabeled people will then be grouped by Photoshop Elements. You can verify that the grouping is correct by clicking on the grouped photos and verifying the photos. Click Save.
  • You can exclude labeling any people that you won’t be scrapbooking. In the case of photos of my son Paul, I excluded friends that I don’t need to track. Click Save.

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