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Photoshop Elements Techniques - Photo Fixes

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Again let’s explore methods of enhancing our photos. They will look so much better on your scrapbook pages.

Photo Fixes

Adjusting Lighting – I am going to use a picture of my husband and I celebrating our wedding anniversary. I like the picture, but the background is very dark. Let’s get started.

  • Open the photo you want to use.
Go to Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Shadows/Highlights. Make sure the preview box is selected.
Adjust the slider bars until you get the desired effect and press ok.

Adjusting with Hue/Saturation:

Open the photo you want to use.
  • Select Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation
    • Adjusting the Hue shifts the colors around the color wheel.
    • Adjusting the Saturation increases (drag right) or decreases (drag left) the richness of the colors.
    • Lightness increases the brightness (drag right) or decreases it (drag left).
  • This photo is a little dark. Let’s see what we can do. Be sure that Master and Preview are selected.

Click OK when you are satisfied.

  • I adjusted all three levels and now the photo looks much better and clearer than before.

Adjusting Skin Tone:

Sometimes because of lighting, makeup or background setting, a person’s skin tone in an image needs adjusting.

  • I have selected a photo of my daughter and I. She is very fair skinned, but looks even more so next to me. Let’s darken her skin tone a little.
Select Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust for Skin Tone. You now have the Skin Tone Dialog Box.
  • Click a portion of the image that needs to be corrected. I have selected the lightest part of her face. The command adjusts the skin tone.

 I also adjusted the slider bars until I got the effect that I wanted.

  • If you are happy with the results, Click OK, if not click reset and start again.

Whitening Teeth

I have always wanted whiter teeth. Well, at least I can have them in a photo.

  • Select the photo you want to work on. I have selected a photo taken with a dear friend of ours.

  • In Quick Mode, select the Toothbrush tool.
Select the brush tip that will touch the teeth but not the lips, etc. I have chosen a small tip brush.
  • Click the teeth. You will notice that you make a selection and whiten at the same time. Click the teeth. If you make a mistake, click Subtract from Selection.
  • When you are happy with the results, choose Select>Deselect.
  • Well, now I have whiter teeth.

Ok, now let’s learn how to get rid of Red Eyes in your photos.

  • Select the photo you want to work on. I have selected a photo of my husband, daughter and I at the beach. I changed the Zoom to 50%, so that I can see the eyes better.
Select the Red Eye Removal from the tools panel. Click the red portion of the eye.
  • The pupil will darken. Continue, until you are finished. (I fixed my daughter’s eyes and mine).
The photo looks much better, without the glaring red eyes.




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