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Photoshop Elements - Photo Editor Tutorial

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Photo Editor is the Heart of Photoshop Elements. You will edit your photos and create your scrapbook pages using the Photo Editor. You can access this from either your Welcome screen, or from the Organizer.

Launch Photo Editor from the Welcome screen. Once you have accessed Photo Editor, you will notice that there are 3 options available for editing photos – Quick, Guided and Expert. Let’s take a quick tour of our work area.

The main work area is quite user-friendly, once you navigate around a bit.

This is our menu bar. It contains the higher level commands, such as File, Edit, Select etc.

These are the three editing modes available – Quick, Guided and Expert. We will explain these options more in depth, in a moment.

This is the Photoshop Elements toolbox. The tools listed here, allow you to apply changes to your photos.


Here is where the photo bin is located. Thumbnails of your open files will appear here. At the far right side of the photo bin are the Panel Bin icons. You are given editing choices such as the Layers panel, the Effects panel, the Graphics panel and the Favorites panel.

This is the panels bin. I have the Layers panel selected in order to work on our first digital scrapbook page.

Now, let’s explore the three editing modes. 


Quick Edit Mode – Use this mode to prepare photos for use on your digital scrapbook pages or for printing. You have tools available such as Zoom (Z), Red Eye Removal (Y), Whiten Teeth (F), and Crop (C), to name a few. One of the great features is the viewing options. Here you can see your photo, before and after you make changes. This is a handy option that allows you to verify your photo editing. Features that are also available are Smart Fix, Exposure, and Sharpen to name a few. I will discuss these in more depth, in another tutorial.

Guided Mode – The options available here really allow you to edit your photos to achieve a professional finish. There are various editing tools available in Guided Mode and we will look at some of the basic ones.

The best way to learn how to use the options that are available is to test them on a photo. I have selected a photo of my daughter and myself, which I have not worked on yet. Let’s see what we can create.

Here is the original photo.

 Let’s try some of the options available:

Brightness and Contrast – I chose Auto Fix. Notice the increase in the clarity of the picture.

Enhance Colors – Again I chose Auto Fix. The color shadows are decreasing.

Remove Color Cast – I clicked around the photo, trying to soften the background.

Crop Tool – Finally I cropped the photo, to eliminate some of the background and highlight the two of us. I like the finished result.

There are many other options available. Try them out on your photos, until you become comfortable with how each tool enhances your photo.

Let’s Get Scrapping!



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