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Photoshop Elements Photo Editor - Photo Resolution Basics Tutorial

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Understanding resolution will help you to create better scrapbook pages. So, let’s get started. Images are either raster or vector. A raster image is made of pixels. Vector images are not comprised of pixels. Text  layers are vectors. When you open a vector image in Photoshop Elements, the image is automatically converted to a raster image by the program.

  • To use most of the tools included in Photoshop Elements, you must be working with a raster image.
  • The quantity of pixels per inch, determines the image’s resolution.
  • To prepare your image or scrapbook page for printing, the optimal resolution is 300 ppi (pixels per inch).
  • To prepare your image or scrapbook page for onscreen viewing, the optimal resolution is 72 or 96 ppi. Newer smart phones and tablets have screens with resolutions of 150 – 300 ppi.
  • Digital Scrapbooking supplies are created at 300 ppi.

Sometimes you will need to “play” with image sizes, to achieve clear and sharp 300 ppi images. This “playing” is referred to as resampling.  To resample an image let’s look at an image of my granddaughter:

  • Open your file. Select Image>Resize>Image Size. Notice the highlighted area – The resolution is 72 ppi and the image size is very large.
After I change the resolution to 300 ppi and a 6x4.5” size image, it becomes clearer and sharper.

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