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Photoshop Elements Organizer Part 2 Tutorial

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Let’s take a look a further look at the Organizer. If you are like me, you have tons of photos and waste time just looking for photos and supplies when you are ready to scrapbook. Here are some ways you can organize your photos and supplies. 

Photoshop Elements Organizer  Part 2

Catalogs and Albums

In Photoshop Elements the hierarchy for organization is – Catalogs, and then Albums which included tagged photos and supplies. In order to scrapbook more efficiently, your photos and supplies need to be organized in a manner that allows for quick access. This is where Photoshop Elements Photo Organizer comes in. By spending a little time developing a management system, you will actually save time when you are ready to create your digital scrapbooking pages and albums.

Let’s take a closer look at the Photo Organizer window.

  • Menu Bar – this section relates to the application itself – File, Edit, Find, View and Help.
  • Sort By – this section allows you to view you photos and supplies based on which search option you select
    • Media – This tab allows you to display thumbnails of photos or supplies in a particular folder or Catalog
    • People – This tab allows you to display thumbnails of photos or supplies where you have tagged faces
    • Places – Click this tab and a Google map appears in the panel bin. You can tag photos according to map coordinates. Use the Add Places button to tag an image with map coordinates.
    • Events – This tab allows you to view photos or supplies that have been tagged by a certain event.
  • Search – Use this tab to search for photo or supplies, based on the keywords you have applied.
  • Albums – Any albums you have created, appear here. Album creation will be explained in detail, later in this tutorial.

Creating Catalogs

Think of Catalogs as a file cabinet drawer. You label the drawer, then insert appropriate folders (Albums with tagged photos and supplies) into the drawer. Let’s begin our organizational system by creating a Catalog. We will use the Catalog Manager.

Choose File>Catalog Manager>New. Name your catalog, according to your organizational plan.
  • Now you can import photos, as discussed in Chapter 1. (File>Get Photos>From Folders) For this example, I have created a Catalog called The Studio, which includes before and after pictures of building my beautiful home studio.
  • Now I can create albums within this Catalog and segregate the photos into Before and After pictures.
Creating Albums
Utilizing the Album features in Photoshop Elements, allows you to further organize your photos and supplies. Now I will probably let my “OCD-ness” kick in, as I further organize my photos and supplies.  You may want to organize your photos etc. according to the organizational system you have developed.
I now have my Catalog – The Studio open. I want to create two albums, one of before pictures, while we were remodeling the house to create the Studio and a second to show the finished results.
  • Select all of the photos for your album. In this case I selected all the After photos.
  • In the left panel you will see the heading – Albums. Click the green select button>New Album.
  • In the right panel, name your album. You will notice that thumbnails of the photos you have selected for this album appear in the middle of the panel section. Click OK. You have created your first album. Continue this process for any remaining photos.
  • Once you have created all of the appropriate albums, they will be listed on the left panel. You access a particular album, by simply clicking on the Album name.

As you add photos and digital scrapbooking supplies to Photoshop Elements, you want to start regularly backing up your files. I have learned this lesson the hard way over the years. Photoshop Elements makes it easy and painless to create backups.


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