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Photoshop Elements-Fun With Text #1

Posted by Lynne Phillips on

Using text creatively can really make your pages pop. Let’s explore some fun ways to use text to draw attention to our focal point in our scrapbook pages.

Fun With Text #1


Mixing Two Fonts and Colors:

  • Open a blank document large enough for a title you have in mind.
  • I have also opened the grid, to make alignment easier. (View>Grid)
  • I have decided on “I am blessed” for a Thanksgiving page I have in mind.

Blessed is my focal word, I will choose a bold font and a color that will stand out.

  • Type each word on a separate layer.

By using separate layers for each word, you can make changes, move things around, etc.


Next let’s mix vertical and horizontal text:


  • Open a blank document for the text you want to create. Again I am using a grid for alignment.
  • My title will be “I Love Scrapbooking”
  • Type your main word. I chose a bold text, and used my favorite color – purple.
Make a new layer for your vertical text. Select the Vertical Type Tool. I used the same font, but a smaller size, and used white as my color.
Now choose Layer>Layer Style>Style Settings>Stroke. For my settings, I selected that same color as “Scrapbooking” and a stroke of 13 pixels. This outlines “I Love” nicely.

Let’s try our hand at Nesting Text:

  • Open a blank document large enough for a photo and your text.
  • I filled the layer with a color that coordinated with the photo I will be using.
Next, place the photo onto the background (File>Place >select) the photo that you will be using.  Size the photo to fit the document.
Now it’s time to play. I decided on the title “This is How To Wear Jewelry”.
I typed my words in phrases on different layers, using different colors and fonts.
  • Once I typed my words, I moved them around until I liked the placement. I also used the handles around each phrase to size and shape them to my liking. I placed a stroke around the photo that matches the phrases.

This technique is a good method for creating emphasis with a title. Experiment with different fonts and application of layer styles to get a unique look easily.

Let’s Get Scrapping!



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